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Foreign Labor Certification

Helping U.S. employers fill jobs while protecting U.S. and foreign workers

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Foreign Labor Certification Forms
Program Form Title
Permanent ETA 9089 Permanent Online Application
Application for Permanent Employment Certification
Permanent   Instructions for Completing Form ETA 9089
H-1B / H-1B1 / E-3 ETA 9035 LCA Online Application
Labor Condition Application for Nonimmigrant Workers
H-2A ETA 9142A   
H-2B ETA 9142B   
  ETA 9155 The Registration process is currently not operational - no ETA-9155 is needed at this time

H-2A ETA 790
ETA 795
H-2A ETA 385 Domestic Agricultural In-season Wage Finding Process
H-2A ETA 232 Domestic Agricultural In-Season Wage Report
H-2A ETA 232A Wage Survey Interview Record
CW-1 Prevailing Wage ETA 9141C
CW-1 ETA 9142C
Prevailing Wage (PERM / LCA / H-2B) ETA 9141
  ETA 9165
D-1 ETA 9033 Attestation by Employers using Alien Crewmembers for Longshore Activities in U.S. Ports
D-1 ETA 9033-A Attestation by Employers Using Alien Crewmembers for Longshore Activities At Locations in the State of Alaska
Professional Athletes ETA 750A
ETA 750B
H-2A and H-2B ETA 9127