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Foreign Labor Certification

Helping U.S. employers fill jobs while protecting U.S. and foreign workers

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 As an employer, how do I?

  • Hire a foreign worker permanently?
  • Hire a highly skilled temporary foreign worker (H-1B)?
  • Hire a temporary agricultural worker (H-2A)?
  • Hire a temporary worker who will be needed for less than one year (H-2B)?
  • Get authorization for crewmembers on ships to do longshore work in port (D-1)?

 As a foreign worker, how can I?

  • Obtain a permanent labor certification?
  • Obtain an H-1B visa to work in the U.S. temporarily?
  • Work temporarily in the U.S. as an agricultural worker (H-2A)?
  • Work for less than one year in the U.S. in an area other than agriculture (H-2B)?

What is the foreign labor certification process?

How long will the employment-based visa process take?

Are there any employment-based immigration fees?

How do I find out the status of my application?

Policies and Regulations